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The top local gifts to give dad on Father's Day

Atlas Coffee Club
Photograph: Courtesy Atlas Coffee Club

Dads are notoriously difficult to shop for, which is why we often fall back on gifts that say, "It’s the thought that counts—right?" Chances are your dad is more complex than a watch or Home Depot gift card can convey. Raise your game this year! We’ve scoured Austin-based businesses to find tailor-made gifts for your dad’s nuanced interests. Whether or not you have siblings, you’ll be christened his favorite with these local goods.                                                                                        

For the city dad who needs a country escape: Not every city slicker can afford to get away for the weekend to channel his inner Thoreau. Stag sells Mid-Century modern decor and home goods to assuage that cabin fever. For the dad who desires a simpler existence, get him Cabin Porn, a collection of alluring photographs and advice on how to bring the woodland into his living room. He’ll be so grateful for the rural escape that he’ll overlook its naughty namesake.

For the highly-caffeinated dad: Whether or not caffeine is the reason your dad can achieve feats mere mortals can’t, Atlas Coffee Club is the ideal subscription service to assure he’s the relatable hero you remember from childhood. The club offers a range of single-source coffee options that include roast preferences and grind type, so you can demonstrate your expertise on your dad’s daily brew. 

For the beer-guzzling dad: Is your dad into the latest craft beer? Check out Whichcraft Beer Store (with locations in both Mueller and South Lamar), where you can curate your own six-pack or fill a growler with the newest beers on tap from local and international breweries. Your dad can travel in style without leaving his La-Z-Boy—sipping on brews that are as distinctive as he is. 

For the biker dad: If your dad’s favorite seat is on a bicycle, head over to Shift Gear Exchange, a shop that specializes in (mostly) secondhand high-end bikes and equipment. They have a large selection of accessories so you can elevate his biker cred without the emotional scarring of buying your dad leather. Opt for something like the Axiom Racebook Pro Cycling Bag with Laptop Sleeve so he can commute to work in style.

For the all-business dad: If your dad’s wardrobe channels Don Draper, check out Capra & Cavelli for suit essentials. Their selection of neckties is great if you want to avoid the stress of sizing, plus their hands-on service guarantees that you’ll pick something your dad will wear more often than trips home.

For the tech dad: If your dad has an obsession with new gadgets, b8ta (which just opened up a location in the Domain) is the place to go. Help him capture family memories with Butterfleye, the first monitoring camera that is motion-sensing. Now dad can chronicle all the shenanigans without being glued to a phone or sifting through hours of footage.

For the musical dad: If “dad rock” is more of a lifestyle than a genre to your pops, head to Waterloo Records and pick up Willie Nelson’s newest album, God’s Problem Child. Like your dad, vinyl has withstood the test of time and only gotten cooler in the process. Bond over this perennial medium and be prepared for the deluge of dad’s backstage stories. 

For the burger-flipping dad: If your favorite memory is grilling in the backyard with your old man, walk over to the Herb Bar to find spices that will up his grill game. They have herbs and seasonings you won’t find anywhere else so you can surprise your dad with a signature blend.

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