2 Week Series With Lisa Loring: 90 Minute Forrest Yoga Intensives On Sundays At 8am

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2 Week Series With Lisa Loring: 90 Minute Forrest Yoga Intensives On Sundays At 8am
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2 Week Series With Lisa Loring: 90 Minute Forrest Yoga Intensives On Sundays At 8am says
PRE-REGISTER online : If there are less than 4 students pre-registered by the Saturday afternoon before, class will be rescheduled*

90 Minute Forrest Yoga Intensives
First two Sundays in January at 12pm (dates tentative*)
Working & building from Flash Prep up to "Flash Pose"
$15 for drop-ins/$12 for students, teachers & stateworkers
Class Passes may also be used for these classes
Flash Prep Is Great For:
Unclogging shoulders and emotions at back of heart.
Building strong and intelligent muscles in upper back, shoulders, arms, chest muscles, serratus anterior, core and legs.
Switching on/rehabilitating chest muscles, armpit muscles and nerves.
Stretching/lengthening hamstrings, calves and achilles tendons.
Decompressing the neck.
Connecting core to legs.
These level 2/3 Intesives begin with the Fifth Pillar of Forrest Yoga, Go Deeper. While keeping you connected to your breath and feeling in your body you go back to the beginning, but at a new level, to deeply engage the breath into every cell while building strength, intelligent body awareness and flexibility in more intricate versions of the postures. Forrest Yoga, designed by Ana Forrest, uses dynamic pose sequencing, taught with compassion, to teach you how to get proficient at safely tailoring each pose to work best for you. Learning to work honestly at your edges, you develop effective tools through longer holds in poses, a strong focus on breathwork and core work to create a slow build towards challenging, exciting poses. This makes it possible for integrity, self-awareness and playful curiosity to become part of your daily life. Intermediate/Advanced Level, 90 minutes
Lisa Loring is a Forrest Yoga and Yin Yoga teacher. Her classes offer an exploration of the interrelationship of the breath, body and mind, and an encouragement of attention to the way breath moves the body. By anchoring our attention to these sensations, we are able to move physically and mentally with more ease. She is passionate about guiding students to be present to their practice. We are human BEINGS, not human doings. What are the habits that keep us from being with ease in our bodies and in our lives, from being rather than doing? While spending countless hours on (and off!) her mat in personal practice, Lisa has an RYT-200 with Patty Townsend in Embodyoga and an RYT-200 in Forrest Yoga. She also completed a year long mentorship Forrest Yoga program and a certification in Yin Yoga with Josh Summers. She has taught in studios in New Hampshire, Washington, DC including NASA and is very happy to be able to practice with you all here in AUSTIN!
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