Acb Test 1 Curry In The Park

Acb Test 1   Curry In The Park

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So it's supposed to be in the 50's and cloudy tomorrow: how about some curry at Zilker? Meet at Baby A's for a drink beforehand (and to get consolidated in a small place -- Zilker's pretty big), and then wander over after everyone shows up? We'll need to let the curry sit for a couple hours to simulate actual conditions. [EDIT] OH YEAH! This time it will be a Pepper Beef Curry! There will be more tests with veggie/vegan-friendly options in the future![/EDIT] ==This test== 1) Billy and I are going to make the same curry x 2 with different ingredients (to see if some of the short-cuts are worth it) 2) We're going to make them today, fast-cool them through the ♪dAnGeR zOnE♫ and then reheat them tomorrow, boxed with fresh rice, and see how well our new Cambro Box holds temp! Who's in? :D As always, the more the merrier! 12pm - Baby A's (Curry's on me, but you have to buy your own drinks ^_- ) 1pm - Curry somewhere in Zilker