Ambient Waves @ Shrine Of Inevitable Forces

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Ambient Waves @ Shrine Of Inevitable Forces
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Ambient Waves @ Shrine Of Inevitable Forces says
Church of the Friendly Ghost presents an evening of ambient electronic soundscapes, featuring live performances by Justin Sweatt, Thomas Fang, and the Bradley Telcom Ensemble. This show begins at 7pm.

The Bradley Telcom Ensemble features four Austin musicians whose chosen instrument is the Bradley Telcom Jitter and Hit Synthesizer with Frequency Translation and Harmonic Distortion Module, an obscure 1970s modular analog synth that was used for testing early voice-band modems. Properly classified as laboratory test equipment and not musical instruments, the Bradley Telcom units generate ominous drones, tones, and rhythms. The ensemble's current lineup includes sound artists Daniel Hipolito (Smokey Emery), Alex Keller, T Putnam Hill, and Thomas Fang.

Thomas Fang, in his final performance before leaving Austin, will also conjure and sculpt sine waves from a modified Starkey Hearing Science Laboratory, another forgotten and repurposed 1970s modular analog synthesizer.

Justin Sweatt, better known for his Xander Harris project and as the drummer for Red Ox, will deliver a rare ambient solo set.

These meditations on decay and change will take place at the Shrine of Inevitable Forces, an abandoned church built in the 1930’s and currently housing the sculptural works of artist Colin McIntyre. His current exhibition consists of three series. The first group, Organisms, is an ongoing series of works featuring imagined sinewy and flowing life forms forged in steel with the liquid metal sheen of nickel plate. The second series, the Hexobelisks, are playful forms forged by selective hydraulic deformation of hexagonal tubing.

The newest group, Ligneous Currents, is a series of large-scale sculptures made from massively buckled maple flooring from an abandoned 1930’s industrial warehouse in Dowagiac, Michigan. These formidable and monumental works will resemble the rolling waves of the ocean captured in tongue and groove wood, rendered into framed slabs that divide the space. Photographic works of Heather Gollatz-Dukeman are also featured in the exhibition. Heather's breathtaking photos capture the incredible building from which the material originated and Colin's process of removal.

Shrine of Inevitable Forces is intended to be a thought-provoking reflection on transformation. The materials of the constructed world appear inert and still within a short span of observation. The works depict the responses in the materials to adverse forces of immense proportions. The reluctance to conform is clearly visible in the graceful topology of the works in both steel and wood.

Colin McIntyre’s work engages people's sense of mystery and wonder about the natural environment. He has been a practicing metal sculptor for 20 years and has made his life and livelihood centered around metal forging and fabrication, creating unique and monumental artworks.

Admission: $5.
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