An Electronic / Industrial / Darkpop Showcase Featuring: Shadow Fashion, Ad

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An Electronic / Industrial / Darkpop Showcase Featuring: Shadow Fashion, Ad
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An Electronic / Industrial / Darkpop Showcase Featuring: Shadow Fashion, Ad says
Saturday March 26th 2016
An Electronic / Industrial / Darkpop Showcase
@ Badlands
1203 Chicon St.
Austin, TX
(512) 999-1917

Shadow Fashion (San Antonio, TX)
Adoration Destroyed (Austin, TX)
Underground Netwerk Intelligence (Houston, TX)

Shadow Fashion -

Shadow Fashion is a Synthrock band from San Antonio TX that combines elements of Electronica, Rock, New Wave, & Synthpop. Synth waves and dance beats mixed with guitar driven rock chords, gives Shadow Fashion its signature sound. This Synthrock band emerged in the San Antonio music scene in 2011 performing under the name Heart Attak.
The band is often described as having a nostalgic vibe, reminiscent of 1980's Synthpop with an added edge to the mix.
2015 saw the release of Shadow Fashion’s self-titled EP which can be found on iTunes, Spotify, Reverbnation, Soundcloud, and Bandcamp.
Shadow Fashion is currently writing a full length album, due out in the Spring of 2016.

Adoration Destroyed -

Adoration Destroyed is an outlet for the ravaged, the lost; and fucked-up souls. This group which hails from Austin, TX combines elements of Industrial, Rock, Darkpop, and EDM to form it’s signature hybrid of Executive Goth Electro-Dirge.
Their first E.P. was released in 2015, and their debut full length album will follow in 2016.
Raw, visceral chronicles encased in a slick dichotomy of infectious Bass Music and Dark Pop/Electro, with even darker emotional themes is at the heart of Adoration Destroyed. To the forlorn, the obliterated...this is for you!

Underground Netwerk Intelligence (U-N-I) -

Underground Netwerk Intelligence, also known as U-N-I are Houston, TX own Specialists of Sociopolitical Electro Industrial / EBM, with a focus on the decay in politics, society, the environment; and technology's ever changing effect on the world around us.
Like many 1970's punk bands who were trying to bring awareness to government corruption and social injustices during that decade, U-N-I unleashes it's unique brand of Political Dancefloor Electro with pinpoint production, strategic analog programming, expressive percussion, and automated subliminal samples, conveying a message of hope and survival; in the reality of our world's harsh surroundings.
A full length album is currently in the works, for release in the summer of 2016.

Don’t miss this event in Austin, Texas on 3/26/2016
@ Badlands.

21 & Up – Only $5.00 Cover

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