Aps 2 3 1 5 Slam W/ Beatboxing Feature!

Aps   2 3 1 5 Slam W/ Beatboxing Feature!

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It's the 2-3-1-5 Slam! Why? Because that's the date, that's why! Plus we've got a great special feature from beat-boxers extraordinaire: Jerome and Whitney!!! They will kick your socks off!!!! Poets must read poems of varying lengths, starting with a 2 minute first round, then a sharp cut into a three minute second round, and then on to one minute poems for the third round. Depending on time constraints, there will hopefully be a final with the top 2 poets competing with poems of up to 5 minutes long. Unprecedented!!!! The top poets will share in $100 in cash prizes! Yay! Background: We start each month with a potluck dinner and special slam - usually alternating between "new shit" slams and other experimental formats... In 2013, we introduced the two minute slam, and every single one of them was awesome! The tighter time constraint allowed for more poets and for a very tight show. In 2014, we tried out some other formats with varying success (that first duet slam was awesome! The second one was okay too, but with too few competitors... We'll try that again in mid-May... but in the meantime, we're bringing back the two minute time-constraint concept, with the addition of some one-minute rounds. This is subject to change, but here's what we're currently planning for specialty slams in 2015: January 6th = New Shit Slam #1 February 3rd = 2-3-1-5 Slam March 3rd = New Shit Slam #2 April 7th = Semi-Finals May 5th = New Shit Slam #3 June 2nd = 2 Minute Slam July 7th = New Shit Slam #4 Aug 4th = Slam Scrimmage and NPS Team Send-off Sept 1st = New Shit Slam #5 Oct 6th = The Gauntlet Slam (format TBA) Nov 3rd = New Shit Slam #6 Dec 1st = 2 Minute Slam That will give us 6 new shit slams, 2 two minute slams, 1 or 2 special slams w 3-2-1 formats, and accommodate both semi-finals and the slam scrimmage. This seems like a good plan, so hopefully reality will be close to that. :) Stage photo credit to Henry Arrambide. Thanks Henry!

By: Austin Poetry Slam