Authentic Relating Games: Bring A Friend

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Authentic Relating Games: Bring A Friend
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Authentic Relating Games: Bring A Friend says
"There are fields - endless fields - where love isn't made. It's grown." - The Matrix (paraphrased)

Every week, at Authentic Relating Games, we meet to enact experiences of honest and loving connection. To quote one facilitator, we are "empathic scientists working together, on innovative ways to unlock the beauty hidden within each heart."

But, our most important connections often aren't with the people we meet at an event. They happen with our closest friends, our family, our partners. Wouldn't it be amazing to share ourselves openly, hear their deepest truths, and explore relationship with THOSE people?

That's what this night is about. Here is your mission, if you choose to accept it:

1) Pick somebody in your life is important to you
2) Bring them to Games on Sunday
3) Walk out with tons of new possibilities for how you can connect...or at the very least, having had a lot of fun together!

Authentic Relating Games happen in the upstairs (Cielo) rooms of Casa de Luz, from 6-9pm.
Your first night is FREE. After that, we ask for $10 to cover rent. If you have any questions, feel free to ask. :)
Please bring a water bottle so we can save on plastic cups!

1) Can I bring more than one friend?
- Yes. You'll each have less time to share in any given exercise, but you will get to enjoy seeing and learning from each others' connections!
2) Can I come without a partner?
- Try to find someone to come with. Many of the games tonight will assume that you have history with the other person. You don't have to have known them for years; you could post on The Austin Love Juggernaut asking if anyone who has played with you a few times wants to be your partner for this. If you do need to show up alone, we'll find you a partner and help you modify the games.

For more events and "what is Authentic Relating anyways?" visit

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