Authentic Relating Games: Sex And Authenticity

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Authentic Relating Games: Sex And Authenticity
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Authentic Relating Games: Sex And Authenticity says
Sex. When you hear the word what happens in you? Do you feel empowered? Turned on? Playfully mischievous? Aloof? Confused? Scared? Shy?

The topic of sex can elicit a range of thoughts, opinions, desires and emotional responses in us. Some of us want a lot of it and some of us don't. Some of us may know exactly what we want, how we want it and how to ask for it while some of us may feel shy, confused or disconnected to our desires and level of communication in sexual relationships. Some of us have a deep connection to sex while some of us are still developing what sex really means to us.

However you relate to your sexuality, this Sunday’s games night hopes to celebrate your unique sexuality and leave you feeling empowered and connected. Those ready to lean into their edge are strongly encouraged to attend!

Disclaimer: This is not a night intended for you to specifically seek a sexual partner. This night is not intended to just titillate you. This night is about exploring sex and authenticity. Games will be played in small and whole groups only. Please stay present to this as we explore authenticity around sex within a safe container.

Place: Casa de Luz, Cielo South Room
Time: 6-9 p.m. (doors close and Games begin at 6:15)
Investment: $10 ( or pay at the door), punch card, or membership (

FACILITATORS: Michele Lynn Wellington, Ladaun Jackson and Kageni Pierce
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