B.D. Rileys April 1 10pm Start Gene Taylor Chris Ruest Jordan Cook

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B.D. Rileys April 1 10pm Start Gene Taylor Chris Ruest Jordan Cook
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B.D. Rileys April 1 10pm Start Gene Taylor Chris Ruest Jordan Cook says
Gene Taylor Jordan Cook and Chris Ruest Trio 10pm start!

Gene Taylor - www.gene-taylor.com

Taylor began his musical training as a drummer at age eight but two years later he had picked up both the guitar and his initial piano skills from boogie-woogie pianist-neighbors. Around the age of 16 he began working with some of the big names in the West Coast blues scene including Big Joe Turner and T-Bone Walker. In the mid-seventies he joined the James Harman Band and had a stint as pianist for boogie group Canned Heat between November 1974 and May 1976. From 1981 to 1984 he toured with The Blasters, and in 1986 finally recorded his first solo album, Handmade. His The Return of the Formerly Brothers, recorded with Amos Garrett and Doug Sahm in 1987, won a Juno Award the following year.
From 1993 to 2007, Taylor played with The Fabulous Thunderbirds amongst various other projects. He recorded an eponymous second solo album for Pacific Blues in 2003 partly accompanied by James Harman and Bill Bateman. This album included a version of "Pinetop's Boogie Woogie".

Since 2007, he has been based in Belgium, playing and recording with Fried Bourbon, CC Jerome's Jet Setters, Dave Alvin and Jo' Buddy. Currently he is touring as the Gene Taylor Trio, with drummer Nico Vanhove, and the guitarist Bart De Mulder.

Chris Ruest - www.chrisruest.com

If you haven’t been paying attention to his career, this is the short version of what you need to know: Chris Ruest is the real thing. The New Englander has been a resident of Texas for well over a decade. Already a serious student and lover of traditional blues and blues-oriented jazz artists, the singer-guitarist came up through Brian “Hash Brown” Calway’s band (justly regarded as the finishing school of choice for aspiring Dallas blues musicians), and has worked with many of the Lone Star State’s most important talents, including the great Ray Sharpe (“Linda Lu”).

Chris Ruest belongs to the impressive class of serious Texas blues guitarists, a group that includes Johnny Moeller, Shawn Pittman, and Nick Curran. While the others may have wider name recognition, Ruest has quietly built a reputation of excellence that is spreading beyond his Austin home base. A veteran with nearly two decades’ experience on the bandstand, Ruest’s passion for classic blues (jump, Chicago, and Gulf Coast) and roots rock forms comes through in an original voice that combines immediacy and authenticity. Dead-on songwriting and savvy selection of covers provide a platform for his unaffected, honest vocals and tough guitar.
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