Define Your Voice: It’S Not About When But What You Need To Post

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Define Your Voice: It’S Not About When But What You Need To Post
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Define Your Voice: It’S Not About When But What You Need To Post says
Do you get flustered because you have to post to ALL of the platforms constantly but then get frustrated when your posts barely make a dent in the mass ocean of social media? Don’t worry, you’re not the only one. The number one complaint that we get about social media from business owners is that they feel like they are just posting into a black hole with no results.

But in Reality, it’s not about WHEN your post but WHAT you post. No matter if you choose the highest peak time, if your content DOES NOT resound with your audience, it will not catch their attention.

Join us December 8th from 10am-12pm for an interactive workshop at Orange Coworking with Ruoyun Xu, founder of C3Nami, a social media marketing firm. We’ll break down what makes your brand unique and WHAT you need to post to continue building your raving fans! So put on your brainstorming hat and bring your laptop because we’ll actually be working on YOUR brand and business throughout the workshop.

By the time you’ll walk out of the workshop, you should have an idea of:
WHAT your main message is
WHO your correct target market is
WHAT is your ask that matches your goals
WHAT platform best suite your needs
WHAT type of content you want to use to communicate

Still have more questions? Bring your lunch for a Q&A in the back with Ruoyun where we’ll continue the questions.


***Non-Orange Members****
Please stay and be our guest! Orange Coworking is offering a FREE day of coworking to attendees of this workshop. Just let us know you are with this event upon checkin and that you want to take advatage of the free coworking offer! Orange will take care of the rest!

A little bit about Ruoyun, she is the Head Social Media Strategist and Founder of C3Nami, LLC, where she works with her team to come alongside entrepreneurs, small and medium sized businesses to make sure their web and media presence is in line with their mission, and that they are utilizing social media to their fullest level of influence. With a focus on educating their clients, C3Nami’s main goal is to empower their clients to take the lead on building and maintaining their brand. Whether they have time to do so, well, that’s another story. Her main passion is to show her clients that social media need not be an intimidating monster—it can be valuable tool for to continue building their raving fans and sharing the heart and soul of a business.
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By: Orange Coworking