Driveway Week 3

Driveway Week 3
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Driveway Week 3 says
Week 3 will be the Bradley L. Houston Law Grand Prix Loop Clockwise!
After this week we will have enough daylight to head to the bottom part of the track for some Deville Custom Homes Speed Loop action! Because of the tree canopy on the bottom part of the track we lose about 10 min of time where we can see/score/finish races so we always start off with the first few weeks on the upper loops.

*Food Truck - Burro Cheese Kitchen
*Mechanical Service Provider - Bicycle Sport Shop
*Body Service Provider - The Training Room
*Hydration - Nuun Hydration
*Recovery - North by Northwest

Pedal Hard Training Center Spring Fling Mini Series Leaders:
Rivercity Market Women's Open- Kat Hunter
Kenny Hill Autoworks Junior 4/5- Eli Husted
Zen Electronics Men's 3/4- Keith Shelly
ROTHE Training Men's 4/5- Robert McDonald
Dr. Ueckert Dentistry P1/2/3- Kevin Girkins
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