Empath, Intuitive And Highly Sensitive Person Authentic Relating Games

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Empath, Intuitive And Highly Sensitive Person Authentic Relating Games
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Empath, Intuitive And Highly Sensitive Person Authentic Relating Games says
Yoo we've been on a little break so I'm feeling happy to meet back up this week!

This is an opportunity to get together with other people who feel Empathic, Highly Sensitive, or Intuitive. To me this kinda feels like a hub for people to connect and relate. Time to celebrate uniqueness and play with these interesting phenomena.

Talk about experiences, expand our social and personal awareness, fulfill our connection desires and learn about parts of ourselves we might not have ever met.

It’s so common to hide, turn off, or disappear. If connecting in engaging and authentic ways sounds both fun and edgy for you this is a great opportunity.

2-3 PM: Opening agreements to set the container, introduction game and discussion of why we are here and what we are doing.

3-4:50 PM: Play Authentic Relating games to explore concepts empathy, intuitiveness and high sensitivity through connection and relating with others.

About the facilitator:
I'm Bonnie LeBaron and I'm dedicated to creating space for self-exploration through social mediums, especially for Empath, Intuitive and Highly Sensitive People and Intuitive. I have gone from hiding from the world because I felt so empathic, to finding a happy balanced social life through Authentic Relating games and I am excited to share this amazing practice with you. I’ve been a student of Human communication and connection for the past 7 years and am still fascinated by it all!

This event has a FB group- https://www.facebook.com/groups/empathintuitivehsp/

Can connect with me!
Website: http://www.bonnieswebsite.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/authenticrelatinggameswithbonnie/

Post any thoughts or questions you have about this event.

You can find us in the “Ceilo South” Room of Casa De Luz. Walk through the arches towards the back where the restaurant is, on your right there will be a playground and a stairway. We are the room just up the stairs!

*This event is $10*
Can bring a guest and they can get in for free, so good time to bring friends or fam. :)
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