Glory Presents: Plague Of Blood 1.0

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Glory Presents: Plague Of Blood 1.0
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Glory Presents: Plague Of Blood 1.0 says
GLORY (Glorious Ladies of Rasslin Y'all) is Austin’s Premiere All-Ladies Wrestling-Themed Federation
Run and performed entirely by women and non-binary people! We are very pleased to bring you the GORE and SPECTACLE of our FIRST SHOW!

Greetings, Mere Mortals! Welcome to PLAGUE OF BLOOD (1.0)*

SATURDAY APRIL 16th MIDWAY FIELDHOUSE: THERE WILL BE BLOOD (so much blood guys, seriously)

We sincerely hope you've filed your FEDERAL INCOME TAXES because the GLORIOUS LADIES of RASSLIN, Y'ALL are about give you their full AUDIT, and you best be ready to not write any checks YOUR BUTTS CAN'T CASH.

You won't want to PASSOVER this event!

This seder ain't going down til the sun... uh... goes down. THEN get ready to taste the BITTER HERBS of MAYHEM!

Hide your first born little lambs! Get ready for your FOURTH CUP OF WINE! And let's hit the patriarchy right in the MATZOH BALLS!


The clash of the titans! Her Menstrual Majesty QUEEN CUP versus the Classic Clogger of Public Restrooms, the BANE of Septic Tanks from the Pacific to the Atlantic: SLAMPAXX. You wanted blood, oh, we'll give you blood! It's that time of the month kids, and PMS stands for PREMENSTRUAL SLAMS!

Tickets are on sale now. Click the link above to purchase. Don't wait!
Early bird tix: $6.66 - SOLD OUT!
Normal bird tix: $9.99
At the door: $13
VIP - skybox: $35
VIP - front row: $45

*this in no way is a sanctioned, kosher event, nor is it actually being held on Passover (there will be PUNishment under the laws of Good Taste)
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By: Glorious Ladies Of Rasslin, Y'all

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