Greenbelt Premiere Screening

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Greenbelt  Premiere Screening
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Greenbelt Premiere Screening says
You are invited to our first premiere screening of Greenbelt at Spider House Ballroom, Thursday May 14th, 6pm-9pm.
There will be no cover charge, but we appreciate any donation you may give to help send our film to many film festivals.

Greenbelt is a film about a young complex Hispanic activist who finds himself fighting for environmental causes in Austin, Texas. The character driven film, revolves around two main characters, Mateo and Vera. Both begin their journeys
of self discovery and realization, at turning points in their lives; betrayal in their relationships. Mateo and Vera happen upon each other one day, in a location, local Austin people call the greenbelt.
The greenbelt is central to the story because as an activist, Mateo soon has to decide if he is truly committed to his cause, by defending it. Mateo’s ultimate realization that he must protect this locally loved nature spot, even if it means getting hurt or in trouble, is spurred by a long history of experiences throughout his life and with different people, that make his extreme behavior, totally reasonable. Mateo gets to a point in his life, where he is frustrated with man’s environmentally destructive patterns and nature. He must decide if he truly believes in the ideal and causes that he is an activists for. How much is he willing to risk to defend the ideals he has so much rallied for? Is he just talk and no courage for action, or will be loyal and true to himself and his conscience.
In the end, The Greenbelt becomes the epicenter of something even the news media would cover.
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