Inspire Pro Presents "Phenomenon" (3.22.15)

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Inspire Pro Presents "Phenomenon" (3.22.15)

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March is renowned as a roaring month for the city of Austin, and it’s about to get hotter! INSPIRE PRO will be spearing a kerosene-soaked log into the blaze with PHENOMENON on March 22! We’ve got three big title matches, and a slew of grudges that need to be settled. Let’s take a look at all that will be happening during this TOWERING INFERNO of an event. JUST ADDED: Barbi Hayden vs. Delilah Doom You asked for more XX-Division action at PHENOMENON, and you’ve got it! At February’s UNDENIABLE, DELILAH DOOM rode an upswing of New Movement morality and crowd support to shock the world and defeat both Paige Turner and Angelus Layne to gain a spot in May’s IN THEIR BLOOD II XX-Division Championship tournament finals. Before that, she’ll be stepping into the ring against BARBI HAYDEN, the former World Women’s Champion with a chip on her shoulder. Barbi’s looking to refocus and regain her “vacationing” championship, and her dubious count-out win over Leva Bates at UNDENIABLE was only the first step. Can Delilah Doom Focus Up and defeat one of the top women’s wrestlers in the world, or will the challenge simply be too much? Moral compasses collide at PHENOMENON! FUN FUN FUN FEST REMATCH: Cherry Ramons vs. Jessica James Back in November, Inspire Pro was proudly featured at FUN FUN FUN FEST, and one of the best matches to occur during that weekend was Jessica James against The New Movement’s Cherry Ramons. It was a highly competitive contest, but Jessica came up short, due largely to a distraction courtesy of The New Movement. Months later, Chris Trew has committed to a new path of integrity that will allow his clients to shine all on their own and without the benefit of any trickery. But just how genuine is Trew’s vow to turn over a new leaf? Will the playing field truly be level going into this rematch? Jessica says she’s prepared either way, and this is sure to be a PHENOMENAL contest between two of the best that Inspire has to offer. Thomas Munos vs. Sky De Lacrimosa The in-ring debut of former referee Thomas Munos back at ECSTASY OF GOLD II was nothing short of surprising, whether it was his flamboyant ensemble or his ability to make it to the final three in the J-Crown Coronation Gauntlet, even scoring an upset pin on JoJo Bravo. An impression was definitely made by this official turned in-ring competitor, and he is not stopping there. On March 22nd at PHENOMENON, Munos is back in action, this time against member of The Orphans, Sky De Lacrimosa. You never know what to predict from a group so calculated as The Orphans, so Thomas better come prepared. Who emerges victorious in this battle of two extremely different individuals? The World Class Syndicate (“The Texas Lion” Carson & “The Pride Of Professional Wrestling” Barrett Brown) vs. “Untouchable” Alex Reigns & A Mystery Partner All of Inspire Pro was shocked to see the unexpected return of “Untouchable” Alex Reigns back at UNDENIABLE, no one more so than his former stablemate Carson. Alex would pick up a big victory on that night over Barrett Brown, the man who was chosen to replace Reigns after his leave of absence. It is clear that Reigns has targeted his former allies within The World Class Syndicate, which leads to this tag team encounter on March 22nd. Barrett Brown will be alongside Carson, who looks to instill in Barrett the killer instinct that many say he was lacking during his singles contest against Reigns. In turn, Reigns has promised to bring in a “Mystery Partner” to go into battle with his former teammate and replacement on that evening. So many factors going into this match makes it one that you cannot miss. INSPIRE PRO J-CROWN CHAMPIONSHIP MATCH: “Just” Steve’O Reno © vs. “Jiggle-O” James Johnson At UNDENIABLE, Jiggle-O James Johnson made a break-through with his current manager and head of The New Movement, Chris Jiggle-O is willing to fall in line, but only if the group can turn over a new leaf. Jiggs believes that the collective can most certainly win based on their talent alone, and without any underhanded methods in the mix. Jiggle-O will have an incredible opportunity on March 22nd to prove just that when he faces Steve’O Reno for the J-Crown Championship in what some have dubbed “The Battle of the O’s.” Steve’O is coming off of a string of incredible wins over the last six months, and his momentum appears to be growing. Reno not only conquered the gauntlet to capture the J-Crown, but he most recently overcame Chikara Pro’s Mr. Touchdown at UNDENIABLE in his first defense of the title. No doubt, this will be an exciting matchup, and Jiggle-O has a lot to prove against a man who seems virtually unstoppable. TAG TEAM RUMBLE MATCH Much talk has been happening amongst the Inspire Pro faithful about the possibility of Tag Team Championships coming to Inspire Pro Wrestling. For those that made the call to the Inspire Pro Hotline recently, they found out first hand that PHENOMENON will see a TAG TEAM RUMBLE MATCH, that will have future Tag Team Championship implications. Right now, four teams have already been signed for this huge matchup. We will see the recently returning Gregory James & Kyle Hawk, collectively known as Sorrow & Extinction go into battle. Along with them the highly talented duo of Erik Shadows & Matt Riot has been entered, along with members of The Orphans, Zac & DG Taylor. We also know that a new tag team in Inspire Pro will be involved in this Tag Team Rumble, the only information available to us is that they refer to themselves as “The Horde”. Along with those four, there will be plenty more teams vying for supremacy as a part of this first time matchup. INSPIRE PRO PURE PRESTIGE CHAMPIONSHIP MATCH: “Wildfire” Thomas Shire © vs. Keith Lee Now that the Inspire Pro Pure Prestige Championship is back in the possession of current champion Thomas Shire, Shire is ready to get back in the swing of things. However, ever since the start of the new year, fans of Inspire Pro have seemed to turn their backs on the once well-respected Shire. While Shire may be losing some of the support from the Inspire Pro faithful, he will be defending his championship against a man who has garnered a lot of fan fare as of late, the massive Keith Lee. With his unbridled strength and ferociousness, Keith has proven himself to be a forced to be reckoned with in near every scenario. Could the man who commands you to “Bask In His Glory” be basking in gold by the end of this contest and obtain a huge prize for both him and The New Movement? Competitive would be an understatement to describe how this matchup will surely be. “The American Psycho” Lance Hoyt vs. “Absolute” Ricky Starks The strange tension between the world-traveled Lance Hoyt and Inspire Pro announcer Brandon Stroud continues along its bizarre path, and has even veered into physical violence. “The American Psycho” even claims that HE HIMSELF is the victim, and that Stroud is the bully. One guy who’s certainly not buying that is Ricky Starks, who came to Stroud’s defense at UNDENIABLE. Ricky’s flat-out sick and tired of seeing a man who’s accomplished so much return to Texas and power trip over the likes of Stroud, a non-wrestler and a man who is clearly not Hoyt’s physical equal. Straight up, Starks is aiming to put the hurt on Hoyt. However, Hoyt’s got a world of frustration built up after losing the number one contender’s match at UNDENIABLE, and he personally blames Stroud for that. This one’s going to get savage, and there’s no telling what might happen at PHENOMENON when these two men clash. Ray “Death” Rowe vs. “The Bionic Beast” Franco D’Angelo In California, “THE BIG ONE” refers to the quake that could send the coastal state to the bottom of the ocean. In Texas, it might just refer to what happens when Franco D’Angelo and Ray “Death” Rowe meet in the middle of an Inspire ring. The alliance between these two men has been tenuous, and at UNDENIABLE, Franco had some choice words for the returning Rowe. Much has been made of Rowe’s comeback following a motorcycle accident that physicians say would have killed any ordinary man. However, Franco is no stranger to comebacks, and he believes no one but him could have survived the odds he’s faced over the last several years. There are many questions to be answered regarding Rowe’s plans in Inspire now that he’s back, but one thing is for certain: both he and Franco have their eyes on the ultimate prize, the Inspire Pro Championship. This is an inevitable battle as both men march toward a common goal, but there’s also something personal boiling just under the surface. The outcome of this match will undoubtedly have a major impact on the landscape of Inspire Pro. Be there on March 22nd at PHENOMENON to see who stands tall. TITLE VS. INSPIRE PRO CAREER STREET FIGHT FOR THE INSPIRE PRO CHAMPIONSHIP: “Dirty” Andy Dalton © vs. “Centerfold” Matthew Palmer The issues between “Dirty” Andy Dalton and “Centerfold” Matthew Palmer date all the way back to RELENTLESS in August, when Dalton shook Inspire Pro to the core by beating Palmer for the Inspire Pro Championship, just minutes after Palmer captured the gold. Since that day, Matthew Palmer has made it his new mission to repay Dalton for his deeds in the worst way possible. In the main event of UNDENIABLE, Matthew Palmer scored the decisive pinfall over Andy Dalton, a feat that many say qualifies Palmer for another shot at the Inspire Pro Championship. The current Number One Contender ACH will be out of the country on March 22nd, leaving an open slot for PHENOMENON. It was Palmer that would lay out the challenge, asking Dalton for a No Disqualification Street Fight to ensure the events of ECSTASY OF GOLD II would not repeat and that Dalton would have nowhere to run. In a response, Dalton would accept the challenge of “The Centerfold”. But not without adding one extra stipulation, that being if Andy Dalton retained the Inspire Pro Championship, Matthew Palmer’s career in Inspire Pro Wrestling would be over. All parties have agreed to these terms and the match has been signed. While a match like this can be so unpredictable, one thing is for certain. As both Palmer and Dalton desire, these issues will be settled one way or the other. There is sure to be tons of action and excitement in store, so do not miss out! PHENOMENON is March 22nd at The Marchesa Hall & Theatre in Austin, Texas. Front row tickets have already sold out, but you can still order general admission tickets for only $12. Doors open at 5:15PM and bell time is 6PM. All tickets are will call and can be ordered by clicking the link below or going to the “Store” tab at the top of our website and clicking “Tickets”. We hope to see you there.
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