Jaws on the Water

Things to do, Film events

Back for another season, Jaws on the Water invites adventurous (sadistic?) movie goers to five weekends of immersive screenings, complete with shark-themed tubes that you'll float on throughout the two hour and ten minute movie (and will get to keep!). Tickets, which run for $55, also include access to the water park, featuring water slides, the Lazy Lagoon, a beachside bar and other attractions. 

Jaws will be shown every Thursday, Friday and Saturday from June 30 until July 23, starting at 6pm each evening. You can buy tickets here, or can chance it and buy tickets at the door if they haven't sold out already. If you're a bigger fan of Jaws 2 or 3 (uh, who are you?), you'll have one night to catch each: Jaws 2 on July 14, and Jaws 3 in 3D on July 15 (both in the water).