Learn To Outgrow Hierarchy With Bob Podolsky

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Learn To Outgrow Hierarchy With Bob Podolsky
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Learn To Outgrow Hierarchy With Bob Podolsky says
Outgrowing Hierarchy

Hierarchies of every sort perpetuate the notion that some people have a right to tell other people what to do – and what not to do. This concept of “authority” is built on a lie, yet it is a very common feature of human culture.

The principle problems with hierarchy are:

Enforcement of rules based on authority often leads to violation of the principle of non-aggression, leading in turn to many varieties of violence.

It is a rare hierarchy that doesn't suffer from “bureaucracy” – which is to say the systematic elimination, destruction, or avoidance of corrective feedback.

As an organization becomes bureaucratized, it becomes less and less creative. This is a very serious problem, as everything we really enjoy in life comes from one or another form of creativity. This is how successful businesses often fail – by becoming less innovative as they get bigger.

As most will recognize, it is a common practice for employers to abuse their employees through coercive management practices.

The Solution

Though not many are aware of it yet, the problems with hierarchy have been solved. Any organization wishing to accomplish ethical, creative outcomes can avoid bureaucratization by organizing horizontally instead of vertically.

The purpose of this meetup is to acquaint you with how this can be done and how you can benefit by knowing about it; regardless of whether you are an employer, an employee, a community leader, a freedom activist, or an entrepreneur. In fact, you'll find it useful too if you're just a disgruntled employee dealing with a less-than-empathic employer.
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