Lend Your Legs:Social Cycling Austin And Texas School For The Blind

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Lend Your Legs:Social Cycling Austin And Texas School For The Blind
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Lend Your Legs:Social Cycling Austin And Texas School For The Blind says
The TSBVI has some tandem bikes for us to use. We are meeting at the school and taking the kids on a social ride. It's an incredible experience to say the least. This is a chance to make a kiddo's week just by riding your bike (something you would more than likely be doing anyway). One of our volunteers made this short about the ride a while back.


VOLUNTEER FORM AT THE BOTTOM OF THIS PAGE:http://tinyurl.com/4y8ge9n

You only need to fill this out if you want to captain a tandem. If not, just show up, ride and hang out with the kiddos. But I highly recommend filling out the form. You'll want to ride with a kid.

Email it to: volunteer@tsbvi.edu

This year we are going to have even more kids on the ride so it is very important that we get a bunch of people to sign up as volunteers. Last year's students spread the word and now all of the kids want to ride with us! So bad ass.

***It is VERY IMPORTANT that we get everyone to fill out the school's volunteer forms and email them back to the school NO LATER THAN first thing Monday Morning so that you can captain a bike. If you already filled one out last semester, you are good to go. If you can't go this week, fill out a form anyway so that when you can go, you are already signed up. Let's make sure every student that wants can ride with us. If you don't fill out the form, you can ride with us but can't have a chance to captain a tandem with a kiddo on the back.

WHEN AND WHERE: 6PM to unload tandems, we leave at 6:30 SHARP from the Texas School for the Blind and Visually Impaired. We meet here:http://g.co/maps/w8ffp. Be there on time. These kids are on a schedule, so the later you are, the less they get to ride.

WHAT: A leisurely ride through a nice neighborhood with the kids from the school. You will have as much fun as they do. After we drop the kids back at the school, we will ride for a while and maybe grab a beer or two. This time around we will try and find a place to end up that is closer to the school. More details to come.

WHAT YOU NEED: Lights, Locks, Wheels, an ID, and maybe some beer money for afterwards. If you are captaining a tandem that week, you will need to lock your bike at the school during the ride so don't forget that lock.

HOW: Social Cycling Austin rides AS traffic and NOT AGAINST it. We stop at red lights, yield the right of way and let cars pass as best we can. We don't block intersections. We are nice to both our fellow riders and the other traffic on the road.

Fill out that form and come join us Monday Evenings. It's a ton of fun and in the end, you are making these kids' day just by riding your bike.

Spread the word! The more the merrier. See you on Monday at the School!
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