New Paradigm Mdt Free Lecture And Demo

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New Paradigm Mdt  Free Lecture And Demo
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New Paradigm Mdt Free Lecture And Demo says
New Paradigm Multi Dimensional Transformation

NPMDT is a system of self-empowerment that leads the individual into awareness of their higher-self and as a result allows them access to life’s greater abilities such as healing with the hands, creating vortexes, and clearing lower vibrations from food, space, or the body. (Even more listed at the bottom)

The class contains teachings that clearly define the difference between the mind (ego) and the heart(I Am-the soul) so that one may choose to free themselves from the limitations of the mind. This will assist in creating a life where the heart guides the ship. We use guided meditations that facilitate energy clearings from the physical and light bodies to bring balance and harmony into the entire beings energetic system. Following the clearings are activations that trigger wake-up codes in the DNA. The entire process leads to a transformative awakening where the individual becomes self-aware as a divine being from the Source of all creation.

Learn about New Paradigm Multi-Dimensional Transformation and the potential benefits it has to bring into one’s life. We will be discussing the philosophy, the history, the class structure, how it works, and what it is used for. We will cover practical applications of it as well as professional use of it. While the channel is open Nesho will be answering any questions that come up. All participants that are willing may receive a mini treatment during the demonstration, so as to have an actual experience of how the energy feels.

Other topics discussed and mastered:

The Violet Flame
Activations of the Shamballa Energies
Hands On Healing & Distance Healing
Sacred Geometry
Setting Intention and Manifesting
Crystal Energy
Multi-Dimensional Reality
Self-Empowerment & Freedom
Implant & Entity Removal
Creating Vortexes
DNA Clearing
Christ Consciousness
The “Ego” and the “I Am Presence”
Reprogramming the Ego
Freedom From Fear
Chakras, Light bodies, Meridians and Spiritual Anatomy
Working with Angels and beings of Love and Light
Learning to Discern
Standing in your Power and Sharing the Love at the same time.

*Many Reiki practitioners find this to be their next step.

*All are welcomed, All are capable; there is no pre-requisite.

*If you feel called, come join the experience!

If you have any questions there is more info at and–paradigm–
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By: Violet Lighted