Nwa / Inspire Pro Presents: Undeniable (02.15.15)

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Nwa / Inspire Pro Presents: Undeniable (02.15.15)

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Following the roaring success of ECSTASY OF GOLD II, it’s UNDENIABLE: INSPIRE PRO IS UNSTOPPABLE! The premier company has reached a galloping stride while headed towards its goal of restoring the former glory of Professional Wrestling in the state of Texas. Will it ever return to the boom period seen during the days when the Von Erichs ruled the sportatorium? Only time will tell as the young stars of Inspire Pro continue their ascension, but the future looks bright. Inspire Pro continues to deliver top-quality wrestling cards, featuring the most charismatic and athletic competitors from all over the globe, and February 15th’s UNDENIABLE will be yet another pinnacle event! NUMBER ONE CONTENDERS MATCH TO THE INSPIRE PRO CHAMPIONSHIP: ACH vs. Takaaki Watanabe As we are one to always do, our UNDENIABLE event will be kicked off hot and heavy with this first time singles matchup between the returning ACH and Takaaki Watanabe. That contest surely stands out on its own, but add in the fact that the winner will earn the Number One Contendership to the Inspire Pro Championship, and we have a true must-see matchup. With those kinds of stakes, you have to take into account that the last time we saw Watanabe, he scored victory over our current Inspire Pro Champion “Dirty” Andy Dalton. That victory gives Watanabe some pretty great odds if he were to challenge Dalton for the championship. However, the top New Japan rookie cannot look too far into the future, as he will have to overcome the one and only ACH in order to gain Number One Contendership. The accomplishments that this Texas mainstay has gained over the years have been nothing short of astonishing. But, what would be bigger for ACH than to be able to reign atop the city he loves so dear. With a win over Watanabe, he would gain the opportunity to do just that. Who’s next to challenge Andy Dalton for the Inspire Pro Championship? Barrett Brown vs. A Mystery Opponent Back at ECSTASY OF GOLD II, the mystery of who would complete the triad in the World Class Syndicate was revealed to be none other than Barrett Brown, making his long awaited return to Inspire Pro Wrestling. And in his first night back, Brown undoubtingly impressed those in attendance, as well as his new compatriots, Carson and Moonshine Mantell. But instead of another tag team affair for the World Class Syndicate this month, Barrett will be in singles action on February 15th. The reason for this being that a mystery opponent has challenged Brown to a one-on-one contest. Seeing as though they demanded someone the caliber of Barrett Brown, they are clearly looking for competition, which is exactly what they will get at UNDENIABLE. “The Wrestling Goddess” Athena vs. Nicole Savoy As the finals in the XX Division Championship Tournament draw closer, “The Wrestling Goddess” Athena has taken the time since her Semifinal win in May to prove why she is the very best in the XX Division. Her contests have been some of the most hard hitting in all of Inspire Pro, and she shows no signs of stopping. At UNDENIABLE, Athena will attempt to as she says “Make Art Out Of War” once again in singles action. Taking on Athena in this match will be a debuting competitor that is slowly beginning to make waves across the independent scene, Nicole Savoy. Based predominately out of the California area, Savoy has taken the fight to some of the top in the West Coast, and has even recently made her debut for Shimmer back in October. While she may not have had the same level of travels or adversaries as Athena, Nicole Savoy brings a style of wrestling to the table that will surely make for a competitive contest in this one. “The Heaviest Sumo In The Land” JoJo Bravo vs. “Chi-Towns Finest” Mr. B At ECSTASY OF GOLD II, it seemed as if “Chi-Towns Finest” Mr. B took “Politics” into his own hands with his post-match attack on Pure Prestige Champion Thomas Shire, stealing the championship belt from the rightful holder. While it was clear that Mr. B made a big impression upon the Inspire Pro faithful, he continues to put the blame of his in-ring shortcomings on outside factors. Well, come February 15th Mr. B will have the chance to overcome those shortcomings once again, when he faces “The Heaviest Sumo In The Land” JoJo Bravo in singles action. Bravo, at one point one of the most successful competitors in Inspire Pro, seems to be in a bit of a rut himself. After an unsuccessful time at FUN FUN FUN FEST, he not only was eliminated in the J-Crown Coronation Gauntlet, he was at the hands of former referee Thomas Munos in a shocking upset. Can JoJo use this match to get back on the right track and reassert himself among the Inspire Pro ranks? NWA WORLD WOMEN’S CHAMPIONSHIP: Barbi Hayden © vs. Leva Bates Among this stacked lineup, the prestigious NWA World Women’s Championship will once again be up for grabs at UNDENIABLE. The current champion Barbi Hayden has proved to be absolutely dominant, especially in her run in Inspire Pro. While some of her more recent wins have been put into question, Barbi has undoubtingly become the one to beat, something that challenger after challenger has yet to do. February 15th, Barbi puts the gold on the line once again, this time against the returning Leva Bates. Leva proved to be very successful the last time she was within Inspire Pro (while there were some comic book casualties) as she picked up the win over Paige Turner back at NO TURNING BACK. And since July, she has notably made quite an impact on WWE NXT as the ever-adored “Blue Pants”, even scoring a pinfall victory on the program. Leva has clearly secured some major accomplishments since the last time we saw her. The question is if the NWA World Women’s Championship will be next for Leva to attain? INSPIRE PRO XX DIVISION CHAMPIONSHIP SEMIFINALS MATCH: Paige Turner vs. Delilah Doom vs. Angelus Layne One of the many casualties during Veda Scott’s legal battles with Inspire Pro Wrestling was the future of the XX Division Championship Tournament. Both Athena and Jessica James secured spots in the triple threat final that will crown the first champion, but the battle to determine the third and final entrant was continually postponed. And while Ms. Scott may not be pleased about the events of ECSTASY OF GOLD II, the demands were still met and this tournament is allowed to continue. One last Semifinal match goes down at UNDENIABLE. and it will feature three XX Division competitors looking to join Athena and James in that championship contest. First off, battling in this match will be one of the inaugural members of the XX Division, Paige Turner. We have not seen Turner or her Bookmarks since NO TURNING BACK, a night that didn’t prove so well for Turner’s brigade on many accounts. However, it seems as if Paige has been planning her attack going into 2015 and looks to take her position back at the top of the ranks. Advancing to the XX Division Championship finals could be the best way of doing just that. Will this contest be the chance for Paige Turner to get back on track? The second entrant in this contest is none other than the Delilah Doom of The New Movement, a competitor who seems to be improving each and every time she steps foot within the ring. Doom may be closely approaching her first full year in professional wrestling, but she is just as much one to watch in this match as anyone. Not only that, but Chris Trew.biz seems to be begging for some success for his clients as of late. Could Delilah be the one to dig The New Movement out of this rut by advancing to the tournament finals? And rounding out the list is a Midwest standout and a debuting competitor in the XX Division, Angelus Layne. Layne was originally scheduled to make her Inspire Pro debut back in May at IN THEIR BLOOD. However, she would suffer fractures to both of her wrists at an event earlier in the weekend, forcing her out of action. Luckily for Layne, it did not force her out of the tournament, as she will be looking to stake her claim in the XX Division the same way she had planned to last year. Only one gains the final sought after spot in the championship final. After this match, who will be one step closer to obtaining glory? INSPIRE PRO J-CROWN CHAMPIONSHIP: “Just” Steve’O Reno © vs. Mr. Touchdown January 4th proved to be a memorable night for “Just” Steve’O Reno in more ways than one. Our brand new J-Crown Champion ran the Gauntlet from the very beginning. He secured elimination upon elimination all the way to his upset victory over “Bleeding Heart” Davey Vega, and now Steve’O Reno reigns atop the Junior Division. But, during the celebration, a masked assailant who seems to refer to himself as The Hollywood Strangler would attack Steve’O Reno, leaving him laid out. Before he could show himself, the attacker would flee the building, leaving many questions for everyone including Steve. However, Steve’O Reno will need to remain focused going forward, as his first defense of his crown will be no light task. He faces former Chikara Young Lions Cup champion & Campeon de Parejas “Mr. Touchdown” Mark Angelosetti. As many may know, Touchdown has gained great success as a member of The Throwbacks with his tag team partner, Dasher Hatfield. Back at BATTLE WARS, Dasher felt first hand what Steve’O Reno brought to the table in their Triple Threat match (also involving Tadasuke). While he did score a loss, Dasher now has first-hand knowledge of what Steve’O is capable of, knowledge that could be passed on to his tag team partner. Could the J-Crown be off the head of Steve’O Reno just one month removed? Or, will Steve be able to prove to Angelosetti that he is not just another nerd? Jessica James vs. “The Mountain” Vanessa Kraven Victory after victory has befell Jessica James since her impactful debut in Inspire Pro Wrestling. This brand new, no nonsense side has proved to be extremely effective against her adversaries, as she has risen to become one of the top competitors in the XX Division. But, Jessica will need to bring everything in her arsenal if she looks to overcome her next challenge, the Inspire Pro debut of “The Mountain” Vanessa Kraven. Standing six feet tall, Kraven towers over near everyone who has stepped face to face with her during her ten-year career in professional wrestling. This Canadian native has even completed multiple tours of Japan for the NEO Japan Ladies and JWP promotions, where she showcased her incredible power that is accompanied by her great size. The old battle of David vs. Goliath will surely be on display in this matchup. SIX MAN TAG TEAM MATCH: “Dirty” Andy Dalton, “Bleeding Heart” Davey Vega & Tim Storm vs. The Center Of Perfection (“Centerfold” Matthew Palmer & “The Bionic Beast” Franco D’Angelo) & Ray “Death” Rowe The closing events of ECSTASY OF GOLD II could be best described as chaos. However, it will not come close to how chaotic this gigantic Six Man Tag Team contest will be, when Inspire Pro Champion “Dirty” Andy Dalton stands beside Davey Vega & the NWA North American Heavyweight Champion Tim Storm to face Matthew Palmer and Franco D’Angelo of The Center Of Perfection, alongside the in-ring return of Ray “Death” Rowe. It was at our last event when Matthew Palmer was inches away from regaining the Inspire Pro Championship and silencing Andy Dalton once and for all, only for Dalton to take the easiest of easy ways out, striking the referee and causing a disqualification. With that unbelievably cheap maneuver, Palmer and Franco D’Angelo were enraged. But Dalton, Davey Vega and the champion’s brand new “insurance policy” Tim Storm surely did not expect there to be a third man wanting to tear into “The Dirty Mind Of Wrestling”. Within the first minute of Ray Rowe stepping back into The Marchesa Hall & Theatre, his intentions were clear. And, a stern message was delivered with a swift knee to the back of Andy Dalton’s head. Ray “Death” Rowe is back and he very well could be just as dangerous as ever. There are so many factors and skilled individuals in this main event that it could go a variety of ways. Undeniably, this will be an all out war. With all that will be presented on this night, you definitely do not want to miss this barnburner of a lineup. UNDENIABLE is February 15th at The Marchesa Hall & Theatre in Austin, Texas. Front row tickets have already sold out, but you can still order general admission tickets for only $12. Doors open at 5:30PM and bell time is 6PM. 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