Ogle Day Fed Up With The Cat Calling? Ladies Unite

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Ogle Day   Fed Up With The Cat Calling? Ladies Unite
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Ogle Day Fed Up With The Cat Calling? Ladies Unite says
In 1970, a group of ladies in New York were fed up with the catcalling and whistling while walking down the Wall Street District on a daily basis. At the start of women fighting for equal rights and pay - these women, these "FEMINISTS" organized a day called "Ogle day". Intended to make men uncomfortable and to show them what women went through on a daily basis while walking the street - women in mass collected to cat call, hold signs in protest and explain how this was NOT right.

Flash forward. Its 2016. 46 years later..... We have Google Fiber, we can wear suits and jump from planes, we have electric cars, and we can be a CEO........ but in Texas our female reproductive rights are being taken away from us. Where laws are being created to keep us from access to birth control and condoms and basic female body needs. A time when we can watch TV on our watch, yet we are STILL being cat called in the streets.

Just because we walk down the street in heels, or dresses.... we have boobs and vaginas.... because our hair looks amazing today... or we are smiling... DOES NOT give you the right to follow me. To harass me. To whistle at me. To try and convince me to come home with you. To stand behind me while I get in my car. To touch me. To be disrespectful. I say NO. The purpose of this event is to not fight fire but to help educate and remind that we are mothers, lovers, sisters and daughters to someone and we deserve to be that without being singled out. We intend to make posters with things like - "Would you whistle if that was your mom?", "Treat others as you wish to be treated", "Just because I dressed up today doesnt mean Im DTF", "I forgive you for your catcalling, you just needed to be reminded it wasnt acceptable".

The time is now ladies - I know some of our mothers and grandmothers marched for our right to vote, to be equal, to get equal pay, to be individual's and to NOT be talked to like a piece of meat on the streets. Join me in spreading the word. We will taking to the streets around the state.... 9:00PM. Let's recognize those who marched for us 46 years ago on this SAME day and share a piece of history.

For information please message: oglemovement@gmail.com
Details about actual event will come soon!

And learn more about the "OG" Ogle Movement here: http://allday.com/post/1619-the-wall-street-ogle-in-of-1970/

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