Open Queerbomb Meetings Now And Forever!!

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Open Queerbomb Meetings Now And Forever!!

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HAAAY BEAUTIFUL LGBTQIA's OF AUSTIN TEXAS!! IT'S TIME TO BRING ALL YA' GOT!! QUEERBOMB IS OPENING IT'S BIG OL' DOORS!! The time has come to welcome one and all to every Queerbomb meeting on the map from here on out! Please bring your butts down to Chain Drive Austin on FEBRUARY 1ST and help build the Queerbomb family as big as we can bust it, Austin. It's time to expand the numbers of the gang that plans, that permits, that raises funds, that decorates, that hoots, that hollers, that raises awareness for this incredible free event. It's an exciting time. -We'll be discussing LOVEBOMB! (Queerbomb's annual fundraiser on Feb 14th) -We'll be discussing the annual Indie go go campaign that raises alllll of the funds needed to have a Free Safe Queerbomb. -We'll be gettin to know everyone in that room over some of the best mess of potluck we can bring to the plate (BRING YOUR FAVORITE YUMMIES) The permits for this year are laid out and the rest is up to us, Austin. Come on down. Bring it like ya' mean it. WHAT: QUEERBOMB GATHERING WHERE: CHAIN DRIVE TIME: 7PM WHEN: SUNDAY FEBRUARY 1ST "Queerbomb is a family of LGBTQIA individuals gathering to support our unique and collective pride. Our purpose is to provide a space to celebrate each and every member of our community and encourage all to embrace the manifold ways we contribute to building a beautiful and diverse society. We reclaim the radical, carnal and transgressive lineage of our ever-changing community in our ongoing fight for equal justice and the right to express ourselves in whatever way we see fit. Each June, the month of Stonewall, we stand together to embrace our sexuality, bodies, personalities, art, music, literature and politics, while recapturing pride from corporate sponsorship. We strive for a pride that refuses to put rules on what you can and can’t be proud of, that says every expression, from the spirit to the flesh, is worthy. QueerBomb does not apologize. QueerBomb does not make excuses. QueerBomb is free for all. QueerBomb stands proud, and so should you."

By: QueerBomb