Roleplay Workshop For Queer Allies

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Roleplay Workshop For Queer Allies
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Roleplay Workshop For Queer Allies says
This event will allow LGBTQ+ individuals and their allies to roleplay scenarios they are struggling with. Instead of imagining dialogue over and over in your head, come work it out with others!

Possible scenarios:
- My lesbian daughter is inviting her girlfriend over for dinner for the first time. I am afraid I will say the wrong thing.
- I want to have a conversation with my gay son about PreP and safer sex practices.
- I am out to everyone in my family except my conservative grandmother. How do I tell her?
- How do I respond to a coworker making homophobic comments in the office?
- My best friend is trans. They were misgendered when we were out together, and I froze. How can I be a better ally?

Upon arrival, participants will be able to write down a scenario they would like to work through, including a list of "characters" in the scene and a word or two about personality. The scenarios will be folded and put in a jar so as to remain anonymous.

After a few warm-up exercises, scenarios will be pulled from the jar and participants will volunteer to play out the scene. If the person who submitted the scenario wants to play a particular character or "direct" the scene, they are free to volunteer to do so, or can remain anonymous.

What comes up in the workshop stays in the workshop. Not everyone is out to everyone in their lives or can be safely. Share your experience only in the outside world.

No one has to act, though we need enough volunteers to do the scenes. The role of the witness or observer is sacred.

We will play through as many scenarios as possible in the time allotted, and leave some time for discussion afterward.


Dana Sayre is a freelance writer, performance coach, and teaching artist living in Austin, Texas. She is enrolled in the alternative training program to become certified by the North American Drama Therapy Association. Dana has a BA in Theatre and English from Fairmont State University and a MA in Performance Studies from Texas A&M University. Dana has a decade of experience (plus personal experience) with issues related to gender and sexuality. She has done a lot of work to heal herself, and wants to share the tools and skills she has gained with others. Dana hosts a monthly queer-friendly, introvert-friendly open mic night called Real Talk every third Wednesday at the Badlands in Austin. Dana is openly queer, kinky, and polyamorous. She strives to raise awareness about sex-positive culture and to reduce the shame and stigma of marginalized identities in our culture. Dana is also open about her struggles with anxiety and depression, hoping to raise awareness about mental illness and help others who may be struggling in silence to feel less alone. Learn more at
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