Share: Austin Drinks Back! Giving Back One Drink At A Time.

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Share: Austin Drinks Back! Giving Back One Drink At A Time.
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Share: Austin Drinks Back! Giving Back One Drink At A Time. says
Please join V Nightclub & Lounge as we present Austin DrinksBack: giving back to our community one drink at a time! V will donate 50% of all proceeds to help those affected by the floods.

Just a few weeks ago Austin was in the middle of a severe drought. Then we got the rain that we so desperately needed, but as we welcomed mother nature to fill our lakes, water reservoirs and feed our plants, the soil and our water run-off system was not able to keep up the amount of rain we received. This caused severe flooding which caused major damage to the properties of our friends, families, neighbors, and small businesses. Austin is known for having a culture that supports the community in times of need, and this culture has been very apparent in the recent days.

We, at V, believe that it is not only our culture but also our social obligation to help our fellow community members when calamities like these occur. As an
Austin small business, it is our responsibility to put some of our profits aside to help restore our beautiful and unique city. If we can't lead by example, how can we ask others to?

As a GLBTQ and Gay-owned establishment, we think it's important to not only support GLBTQ organizations but also non-GLBTQ ones as we move forward for equality. What better way to prove that we believe in equality.

We are equal, we are United, we are One!

Thank you for your time,
V Nightclub & Lounge

PS- Make sure to thank our partners for helping make this happen:

1800 Silver
Russian Standard Vodka
Dripping Springs Orange Vodka
Templeton Rye Whiskey
Hangar 1 Lime Vodka
Chila Orchata
Templeton Rye Whiskey
Firefly Grapefruit Moonshine
Jose Cuervo Tradicional Silver
Jose Cuervo Tradicional Repo
Tijuana Sweet Heat
Three Olives Vodka
Colorado High Vodka
Bud Light
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By: V Nightclub & Lounge