Spring Awakening: Holographic Sound Healing And Meditation

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Spring Awakening: Holographic Sound Healing And Meditation
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Spring Awakening: Holographic Sound Healing And Meditation says
Dear Ones,

With the powerful energies that have been ushered in from the Equinox and the solar and lunar eclipses, we move forward into spring.
We've planted the seeds and this is the time to nourish and cultivate the intentions we set at the beginning of the year.

When I think of the potential that spring can bring, I see it as a time to truly awaken dormant parts of the self. Activating our energetic bodies, our intentions so that we act as magnets for what is in our highest good, and that which makes us truly happy heart and soul.

The winter is a time for hibernating, plotting, planning, planting, etc. The spring is the time for revving up the engine and getting ready, set, GO! More preparation may be needed. Clearing out the weeds, making more room as the seeds begin to bloom. What within us still needs healing and clearing so that we can unfold as the beautiful flower that our Creator intended? What darkness can be shed so that we can truly shine?

These past few months have been incredibly transformational for myself and it definitely feels like I'm being prepared/preparing for something big on the horizon.
Intending to remain open, to keep cleaning out/purging all that does not serve, to make way for what is in the highest good of all!
LOVE! ABUNDANCE! JOY! INSPIRATION! ALL the goodness, and to be able to handle any and all challenges with grace and ease.
This I wish for all of you, and look forward to helping anchor these intentions at this time.

I hope to see you Sunday!

Love and light,

*bring a pillow, mat, blanket to sit or lay comfortably
*wear comfortable clothing
*bring an intention of something you wish to release in this new year, and something you wish to manifest. Be specific! Your prayers are being answered in specificity <3
*Suggested donation of $10-20
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