Sxsw Official: Ho99o9, Hundred Waters, Kodak To Graph, Phantoms, Emprss And Jacuzzi Boys

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Sxsw Official:  Ho99o9, Hundred Waters, Kodak To Graph, Phantoms, Emprss And Jacuzzi Boys

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Family SHOWCASE: 8p - Jacuzzi Boys The year, 2007. The Boys, Jacuzzi. Hatched inside a vulture's nest, Jacuzzi Boys emerged from deep within the Florida wilds, three radioactive chicks cawing for their piece of electric rock pie. With No Seasons (Florida's Dying) they freaked their way through the swamps, a psycho stomp of a record, all hallucinations and hand claps. Glazin’ (Hardly Art) found a more polished sound. They installed AC units inside their mobile homes, found a way to turn neon into ice cubes. Now, with their third full-length, the self-titled Jacuzzi Boys, they're going grand, building limestone monuments to those that boogied before them, while writing hypnotic ear worms by the light of a cigarette. Gone is the swamp-thing snarl. In it’s place, the indestructible cool of the casino slot-jockey with nothing to lose. 9p - Emprss For Ralph Allan (23), Leo Crossing (24) and Johnny Goddard (26), Emprss is a creature of time and trust. They've explored both analogue and digital production and performance together since their early teens living in Farnham. Ralph’s intimate lyrics usher listeners through the dizzying procession of delusions, elations, and fraught nerves colouring his time away studying, and drifting between, Edinburgh and London. A yearlong haze of philosophical and physical escapism in challenging texts and relationships gradually led him to return home Fall 2013, brimming with ideas. With Leo's textured, dark yet defiantly uplifting production and Johnny's live prowess, Emprss took shape - reuniting old friends and reverberating the experience of release and renewal with infectious sound. 10p - Phantoms Kyle and Vinnie are Phantoms, a Los Angeles based duo who specialize in dark, rhythm-heavy, grooving dance tracks filled with avant pop and neo-soul vocals. Phantoms have carved out a style of electronic music that is at times dark and semi-serious, but Kyle and Vinnie focus on articulating an environment that culminates in pure, danceable joy. The human experience is punctuated with these same polarities, sweeping highs and low lows, and that philosophy is infused in the Phantoms experience. They are inspired by the likes of Soulwax, Daniel Avery, Justice, The Knife & more. Growing up, Vinnie would play drums to artists such as Stevie Wonder and James Brown. His father was a rhythm guitarist who introduced him to his early influences and helped cultivate his technical side. Kyle's uncle played keys and toured with Michael Jackson. Through him, Kyle came to respect the art of production, lending to Kyle’s command of bass and the layering of sounds and textures that build into the Phantoms tracks. 11p - Kodak To Graph Allured by the pulsing incantations of cassette grain & VHS blips, live instrumentation and other found sound, Kodak To Graph’s Michael Maleki delicately floats listeners through blooming clouds of synth-washes, haunting reverberations, and propulsive rhythms. Maleki’s candle-waxed R&B & flower-trailed soundscapes weave together the nostalgic tones and colors reminiscent of a quiet childhood with the urban bounce and rhythmic disposition of the more modern spirit. 12am - Hundred Waters Hundred Waters’ members (Nicole Miglis, Trayer Tryon, Paul Giese, & Zach Tetreault) formed the group in 2012 when they became housemates in Gainseville, FL. The four found themselves inclined to collaboration while living under one roof, sharing a communal mentality that yielded a beautiful blend of musical contradictions: mournful yet colorful, introverted yet aware. Their self-titled debut soon attracted the most unlikely of allies, Skrillex, who signed the band to his OWSLA label that same year and gave the album a full-scale release, leading to worldwide touring with such diverse acts as The xx, Alt-J, Grimes, & Julia Holter. 1am - Ho99o9 Rooted in hardcore rap, ho99o9 (horror) is an experimental duo self-described as a punk and thrash crossover. Their beats are dark, messy and intense like their rhymes--well-versed in the politically incorrect and disturbing. This includes--but is certainly not limited to--blasphemy, necrophilia, drugs, 999 revelation… the list goes on. theOGM and Yetti999, known in real life as Jean and Eaddy, came up from the streets of New Jersey, developing an underground cult-following that demands new tracks regularly. Ho99o9 is currently finishing up their first full length record. Online

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