The 2015 Texas World Cultures Conference

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The 2015 Texas World Cultures Conference
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The 2015 Texas World Cultures Conference says
Stories of survival of art and identity
A WobeonFest pre-conference

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There's never been a better time to learn from global thinking and initiatives than the present. Join like-minded individuals at the inaugural Texas World Cultures Conference - a power-packed series of keynotes and panel discussions geared to delve in to the interplay of art and global culture - in our own backyard in Austin TX and well beyond.

Our intent is to (a) showcase issues of global importance and how learnings from these can influence thought-processes in tackling even the most local of issues; and (b) showcase the global-mindedness of Austinites (and Texans more broadly) despite all the preconceptions and soundbites that permeate the etherspace today.

Guests of Honor & Keynote speakers:

Ms. Bhalla is Founder & Executive Director of the 1947 Partition Archive, which chronicles first-hand accounts of survivors of the largest human migration in history.

Ms Hoff is a media expert, former KXAN anchor, and global affairs thought leader

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FRIDAY SEPT 11: evening 6:30pm - 11pm: (** Free with RSVP on Eventbrite)

*** Panel discussion #1: Global music artists in the US - the successes, the strugles (feat. VIeux Farka Toure, Herbert Kinobe, Zein Al-Jundi, Ryan Romana and others). Panel moderator: Jenny Hoff

*** Keynote conversation #1: Guneeta Bhalla

- Live music by Serafia and the Mafia (WobeonFest 2015 kick-off party)

SATURDAY SEPT 12: morning 8:30am - 1pm (** Free with RSVP on Eventbrite -

*** Panel disussion #2: World Music in Austin, TX - progress or same-old same-old? Panel moderator: Sonia Seeman, Prof. of Middle-Eastern Studies, UT Austin

*** Keynote conversation #2: Jenny Hoff, Journalist & former KXAN News anchor

*** Panel discussion #3: The Survival of Art and Music in the face of Conflict, Exile and Refugeeism. Panel moderator: Kamran Hooshmand, Austin-based scholar, musician and ethnomusicologist.

*** Panel discussion #4: Storytelling in Africa. Moderated by: Rick Reeder (The African Leadership Bridge)
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