The Monks Of Gaden Shartse Healing And Wealth Empowerment

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The Monks Of Gaden Shartse Healing And Wealth Empowerment
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The Monks Of Gaden Shartse Healing And Wealth Empowerment says
Vajravidharan Healing Ritual
Sat. April 11 at 2pm at Oneness & Wellness Fairs (Nature's Treasure event center)

Vajravidharan is a ritual of purification and has three stages: purification and removing of negativities, removing subtle negative imprints, and offering protection. The vajra master will take the form of this Buddha of Purification and use his power to cleanse participants. Vajravidharan purifies sickness, mental disturbances, infectious diseases, disputes, enmities, defllements, misfortunes, bad omens, victimization by others, premature death, negative influences of the stars, harm from rulers and thieves, influence of demons, the agents of death, obstacles, misguidance, and factors against congenial life.

Ritual Procedure:

Purification: The Lama instructs participants through visualizations and ritual and then pours radiant nectar and rays of light into their mind and body. Removing subtle negative imprints: The Lama instructs participants through visualization and ritual and then takes the negative subtle imprints and transforms them into Inexhaustible Bliss. He will then summon the negative forces and will use the Bliss to appease them. Finally, he disperses the negative forces and instructs them not to return.
Protection: The Lama creates a diamond like impenetrable layer of light around and within the participant.

Zambala ( Dzambhala) Empowerment - Wealth
Tuesday April 14 at 7:30pm at Nature's Treasures Texas (in the studio).

Dzambhala is a Bodhsittva of material and spiritual wealth as well as many other things. Especially he is charge of granting financial stability. By the way "Dzam" means Deity or gathering "Bhah" means gold or whealth, and "La" means to honor. So therefor, Dhzambhala means Precious golden deity, who gather or brings the wealth of spirituality or Dharma and material securtiy or accomplishments to our lives.

Suggested donation: $20-25
Free parking
All donations will go to support the Monks of Gaden Shartse Phutkang and Sacred Arts of Tibet

Please RSVP to Kathy Cisneros or Richard Cisneros Cervantes at 512-940-9277
Both events are sponsored by
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