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Thinkery21: Science Of Sex
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Thinkery21: Science Of Sex says

Grown ups can enjoy an evening at the Thinkery on their own. At Thinkery21 we close the museum to kids and let adults, ages 21 and up, eat, drink and mingle while experiencing innovative science and art.

WARNING! This is not your average Thinkery event.
From wafting the potent aroma of pheromones to dissecting vibrating toys, Science of Sex explores the ins and outs of attraction, sex and reproduction. This is not your average birds and bees experience.

Why People Have Sex
Join sexperts, Dr. Cindy Meston and Dr. David Buss to learn the ins and outs of why people do what they do (let's not pretend it's just about procreation).

Vibrating Toy Dissections– Join staff of Space 8, Thinkery’s makerspace, in exploring the mechanics and inner workings of vibrating toys as well as other objects that vibrate at this take apart activity.

Aphrodisiacs – Discover food to put you in the mood with Whole Foods Market.

Sperm to Egg Maze – 1 in over 50 million sperm make it to the egg. Don’t get lost! Your genetic survival depends on it!

Battle of the Pheromones – Ever wonder what those invisible powers were that drew you in? Enjoy the tantalizing body aromas of our Thinkery staff and find out what's doing it for you.

Dirty Dancing - Brush up that A-game before you hit the dance clubs next weekend. Things will get slow and sultry as Go Dance teaches you the moves you need to woo that special someone.

The First Time - True tales of first crushes, love, lust and heartbreak from the live performers of Testify.

Slippery When Lubed - Not all lubricants are made equally. Join UT's Council of Graduate Chemists and discover the secrets of what gives different kinds of lube their friction-reducing properties.

Fans, Flirting, Figures and Guy Town – the Austin History Center, Austin Public Library shares historical images that document how women attracted the attention of potential suitors and the history of Guy Town, Austin's infamous red-light district that flourished in the Warehouse District in the late 1800’s.

Sex-brary – Reading is sexy…especially the books the Austin Public Library Pop-Up Library will be bringing! Come explore; romance, kink, the science behind compatibility, the art of the female orgasm, recipes for arousal, the history of sex and how birth control changed everything! No library card? No problem, sign up on site.

Planning Pregnancy and Preventing STIs – Your friends from Planned Parenthood of Greater Texas will bring the latest info, tips, and tools you need to stay safe and healthy. Stop by and become a safer sexpert!

The Romance of Flowers – Get all the dirty deets on the sex lives of angiosperms (flowering plants).

Delicious local food for purchase:

Whole Foods Market - Natural and organic morsels!

More details coming soon...
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