Tnnsr #197

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Tnnsr #197
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Tnnsr #197 says
Ride Leader :Evan
Wheels Down : 8:15pm SHARP!!!
Park Stop :
End Stop :

As they say, NASB got you #fam!

Bicycles of any variety and riders of any skill level are welcome. We will gladly have you along if you meet us with an easygoing outlook, a pleasant persona, and a respect for the road.

We strongly encourage but do not require that you use a helmet to ride with us.

Lights are required by law, a front white light visible from 500' is required, and a red rear light is recommended. Be seen, not run over!

We ride as traffic, meaning we ride with traffic not against it. We stick to one lane as best as we can. We obey traffic signals/road signs, yield the right of way when appropriate, move right to let cars pass when safe, and we do not block or cork intersections to keep the group together. If we get split up we have mass up points to regroup. We strive to be courteous to our fellow cyclists, as well as vehicular and pedestrian traffic on the road. Please listen to the ride leaders [those assholes shouting directions] who are volunteering to help lead the ride safely; and please echo their commands as you hear them.

Curious about or ignorant of the rules of the road? Check out this awesome site: Our goal is to create a fun environment for all cyclists and to reach the destination without injury. We cannot, nor would we want to, control every riders’ behavior. We *strongly encourage personal responsibility* on all rides; it is up to YOU to maintain safe conduct for your safety and the safety of those around you. If you choose to ride with us *YOU* accept the risks inherent in riding a bicycle in a large group of other cyclists of varying skill levels as well as being in close proximity to vehicular traffic.
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