Tour De Taco Iii

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Tour De Taco Iii
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Tour De Taco Iii says
Ride bikes. Eat tacos. Repeat. Route is 15 miles with four stops, an extra mile if you're heading back to the starting point. We ride at a casual pace, around 12 mph, and the ride is no-drop. There will be a few hills. I like to work for my tacos.

Meet up: 10:15am at Doug Sahm Hill

Wheels down: 10:30am Be on time. Remember, the early bird catches the breakfast taco.

1) Taco Xpress
2) Arturo's Underground Cafe
3) Veracruz All Natural
4) Melizoz

What you need: Working front and rear lights, spare tubes so you're not stranded with a flat, a lock, your ID, cash to tip your lovely servers/bartenders, and it's always a good idea to wear a helmet.

REMINDER: The goal has always been to create a safe environment for all riders, but we cannot control every rider's behavior, nor do we desire to. We promote personal responsibility, and it is each rider's responsibility to take care of themselves, and if they choose to ride with us, then they accept those risks inherent in riding a bicycle with a large group of other people riding bicycles.
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