Ut Students @Rally: Protest Gov. Abbott's Rejection Of Syrian Refugees

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Ut Students @Rally: Protest Gov. Abbott's Rejection Of Syrian Refugees
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Ut Students @Rally: Protest Gov. Abbott's Rejection Of Syrian Refugees says
We are organizing a group of UT students to walk together to the rally at the Governor's Mansion this Sunday. We will join the rally protesting Abbott's discrimination against Syrian refugees resettling in Texas. We will meet at Littlefield Fountain and walk to the Capitol*; we have posters made for you to carry if you'd like!
*For those of you who'd like to meet us there, we'll post a meeting place soon.

This is a critical moment and your presence counts. Come out, at least for a little while. Abbott’s proposal, this bill, and our reaction can dramatically impact Syrian refugees waiting to be resettled in our state.

We will also be hosting a workshop sometime next week (before break) to explain what's going on. But, in short:

At the moment, Governor Abbott is working to legally defend his decision, which has been heavily criticized as an overexertion of his authority. A bill was also passed in the House in D.C. to make the admission vetting process for Syrian refugees the strictest ever required for people fleeing a war-torn nation. This is during one of the largest humanitarian crises we've seen.

Things to note:
— 76% of refugees from Syria are women and children and all of them are also seeking protection from ISIS terrorists.
— Refugees are flown to the US ONLY after EXTENSIVE screening. Asylum is basically another word for protection. An asylum seeker is looking to be granted refugee status in a country, AKA permission to stay in said country. A refugee is someone who has been granted this status. In other words, they've already proved they have a credible fear for their safety.

LINK TO MAIN EVENT: https://www.facebook.com/events/479634362239452/

Have more questions? Don't hesitate to message me if you have more questions* and definitely don't be afraid to ask the hard ones. I don't promise to know everything but I can put you in touch with someone who may help.
*Non-constructive comments will be deleted.
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