Very Superstitious @ Shockers (Havins 3)

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Very Superstitious @ Shockers (Havins 3)
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Very Superstitious @ Shockers (Havins 3) says
The following people owe me money:
$61 - Zara
$38 - Aubrey
$33 - Lindsey
$23 - Nick

The game is on Havins Field #3. We're the visiting team against the Shockers, so we will use the third base dugout.

Be sure to check the rainout number (512-978-2680) before heading to the game. If it is not updated with the current date stating that the games are rained out, then we are playing!

Directions to Havins are located at:

2- Kristin, C, 3B, 3B, DH, 3B, 3B, 3B
3- Michael, LCF, LCF, DH, LCF, LCF, LCF, LCF
4- Tia, 1B, 1B, DH, 1B, C, 1B, 1B
5- Neil, P
6- Zook, RF, DH, LF, LF, LF, RF, RF
7- Matt, SS, SS, C, SS, DH, SS, SS
8- Melissa, LF, LF, RCF, RCF, DH, LF, LF
9- Ted, 2B, DH, 2B, C, 2B, C, DH
10- Aubrey, 3B, C, SS, 3B, SS, DH, 2B
11- Mitch, DH, RF, RF, RF, RF, DH, C
12- Amanda B, DH, 2B, 1B, 2B, 1B, 2B, DH

(If multiple, comma-separated positions are listed, the player plays the first position listed in the first inning, the second position listed in the second inning, and so on. If more innings are played than are listed, go through the same sequence again. If two positions are separated by a slash, that means the player plays half the game at each position)
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