Waist Management!!!! Nutrition Challenge

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Waist Management!!!! Nutrition Challenge
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Waist Management!!!! Nutrition Challenge says
The challenge to get yourself locked in for the boat party!!!! Want those abs and definition? It Starts with food!!!!! The whole objective of this is to educate yourself with your diet via the MY FITNESS PAL APP. The app is free in your app store. We guarantee that as you post, you will quickly realize areas that can use improvement. Don't worry, the app is SUPER EASY to use. I have made a tutorial on Youtube, and you can find it here:
With a partner:
STARTING APRIL 17..... 6 weeks until the boat.
Objective: For partners to hold each other accountable on their nutrition by use of MyFitnessPal (free app) while trying to reach two performance-based goals based around these Ab intensive movements:
Sit Ups
Hollow rock
Hollow Hold
Overhead Snatch Grip Hold
Toes To Bar
Hanging Knee Raise
Knees to Elbows
Front Squat
- Your Coach will help you to dose and design your goals.

Extra: We will perform a bodyweight movement WOD at the beginning and end of the challenge to help foster competition and highlight gains and losses. Times of the Waist Management WOD will be posted on the board where the Open Scores are at.
How it works: : “Friend” us (April, Scott, and Aaron) on MyFitnessPal. “Friend” your partner and discuss with each other your challenges and opportunities with your diet each day. We will look over your logs each day and offer feedback. You will get 5 points per day that you do not get crazy on your nutrition: i.e. stay with in your caloric intake and stay within your macro guidelines:
10% of Caloric variance is allowed... (10% up, or 10% down)
8% of macros variance is allowed (up or down)
You will get 5 points per performance-based goal reached. The team with the most points at the end will win. Winner will be announced at the box, on Facebook, and will have made the most progress and gains.
Prize: Looking awesome at the boat party, reaching your performance based goals, being more awesome at life. You will also get an informed and eye opening look at your own diet. We will go through your nutrition with a fine tooth comb.
Please submit a before and after photo
Note: we are not tracking workouts in the MyFitnessPal App. Set your activity level accordingly and ONLY keep track of FOOD.
YOU MUST VIEW THE YOUTUBE VID, as there are notes about the challenge in the vid.
Cost: $40 per person
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By: Voodoo CrossFit 512