Yin & Meditation Weekend Immersion With Erinn Lewis

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Yin & Meditation Weekend Immersion With Erinn Lewis
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Yin & Meditation Weekend Immersion With Erinn Lewis says
Coming to the Well of Bodhicitta:
Teaching and Cultivating
A Heart Centered Yin & Meditation Practice
Saturday and Sunday 2P - 7P
June 3 & 4
Tuition: $185
Auto Draft / Annual Pass / Sukha Yoga TT Grads $155
The quiet practice of Yin Yoga is a spirit and heart centered journey that take us into the depths of our emotional and physical bodies. In this special training experience, Erinn Lewis will weave poetry, music and silence to create a space to sink deeply into nourishment and vitality.
Explore how Chinese Medicine, Buddhism, and Yoga weave together a practice that is nourishing, healing, and restoring.
Yin Yoga holds a special place in Erinn's heart and it has supported her during many transitions over the years. Come share this time with her and enhance your own knowledge to support emotional and physical well being.
With attention to the breath and sensations in the body, Yin Yoga helps us:
• Balance our yin and yang aspects
• Increase the flow of qi or prana in the body
• Maintain the health of our connective tissue
• Reconnect to the meditative origins of yoga

Enhance your home practice and create supportive sequences for emotional & spiritual wellbeing for yourself and others.

Bodhicitta is translated as 'noble or awakened heart'. "Bodhicitta is also equated, in part, with compassion—our ability to feel the pain that we share with others. Without realizing it we continually shield ourselves from this pain because it scares us. We put up protective walls made of opinions, prejudices and strategies, barriers that are built on a deep fear of being hurt. These walls are further fortified by emotions of all kinds: anger, craving, indifference, jealousy and envy, arrogance and pride. But fortunately for us, the soft spot—our innate ability to love and to care about things—is like a crack in these walls we erect. It’s a natural opening in the barriers we create when we’re afraid. With practice we can learn to find this opening. We can learn to seize that vulnerable moment—love, gratitude, loneliness, embarrassment, inadequacy—to awaken bodhichitta.

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