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A Certain Darkness

  • Art
Martin Parr. FRANCE. Paris. Louvre. 2012.
Martin Parr. FRANCE. Paris. Louvre. 2012.

Time Out says

This collective exhibition is part of the "la Caixa" Obra Social, which every two years invites young curators with an international background in the field of art to develop their projects, based on the archives of the "la Caixa" Collection and the MACBA Collection. This time, the curator is Alexandra Laudo from Barcelona.

One morning in August 1911, in Paris, someone entered the Louvre Museum, picked up the painting 'La Gioconda' and took it without anyone noticing. The exhibition 'Una Certa Foscor' ('A Certain Darkness') takes as a symbolic starting point the black and empty space left behind by the stolen painting to speculate on the question of the eye and the image in relation to the  practice of art. It brings together a selection of 14 artworks and documents that explore the ideas of opacity, concealment and absence in the artistic practice, and invites us to think about the how viewers take in art and about the current ways of seeing – and not seeing – images.


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