Bigas Luna: land, desire, scripts

Art, Mixed media
Bigas Luna
©Bigas Luna

Bigas and Luna are two family histories and two ways of looking at the world. The artistic activity of film director Juan José Bigas Luna (1946-2013) re-creates dualities: reality and desire in 'Bilbao' (1978), nature and culture in 'Caniche' (1979), religion–life experience and religion-speculation in 'Reborn' (1981), north and south in 'Lola' (1986), fiction and reality in 'Angustia' (1987), conventional and wild sides of sex in 'Las edades de Lulú' (1990), and two dimensions of the Iberian male figure in 'Jamón, Jamón' (1992). Similarly, his paintings show assemblies of narrative rhythms and personal alchemies between film, painting, writing, photography, science and technology.