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Brian Eno: Lightforms / Soundforms

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  • 4 out of 5 stars
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Time Out says

4 out of 5 stars

Instructions on how to see the Brian Eno exhibition at Arts Santa Mònica: go on your own, or with one person at the most; head in, sit on the sofa, and let yourself be carried away. Don't say a word or look at your mobile. Let time drift away.

A quarter of a century ago Agent Cooper, before being substituted by his doppelgänger, was bid farewell by Laura Palmer: 'I'll see you again in 25 years'. It's also been a quarter of a century since Brian Eno exhibited his first installation of sound and light at Arts Santa Mònica with 1992's 'Art Futura', which ended with a conference called 'The future will be like perfume'.

Three years later, the creator of the genre of ambient music penned his most-listened-to piece, which lasts just six seconds: the Windows 95 start-up sound. And Eno, at almost 70 years old, is still a creator who is difficult to classify – painter and sculptor obsessed with light installations, software designer, composer, singer, producer... He's a thinker who doesn't distinguish between audience and creators.

Eno has taken over the three storeys at Arts Santa Mònica and a corner of the baggage claim hall at the Barcelona Prat airport Terminal 1. There, while you wait for your bag, you can hear his latest album, 'Reflection'.

In the Arts Santa Mònica cloister is Eno's most recent creation, 'New Space Music', a piece based on algorithms, composed of frozen fragments. On the first floor, light boxes (to get an idea of what these are, they're like Mondrian canvases that change slowly with the beat of the music), two iPhone apps, and images of his most personal notebooks where he has jotted down life experiences, ideas and compositions.

Finally, on the second floor is Eno's famous installation '77 Million Paintings', a combination of sound and paintings generated by algorithms. If you wait around to see a repeated combination, you'll be waiting for at least a million years.

Eno now joins other musical greats with shows on in Barcelona, David Bowie and Björk. Something a bit different than your usual trip to a museum.


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