Elisa Murcia Artengo & Jenny Owens. Latitudes

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Elisa Murcia Artengo
© Elisa Murcia Artengo

Elisa Murcia Artengo (Alicante, 1985) and Jenny Owens (Dublin, 1983) are two up-and-coming photographers who have been selected in recent editions of the painting and photography competition ART <30, which Sala Parés and the Trama gallery organise together. The title of the exhibition, 'Latitudes' refers to the extention of territory that both artists use to define an imprecise place in time and space, which is the main ingredient in their works. This imprecise place that makes up the universe of the two artists is presented in this exhibition via black-and-white photographs (digital and analog) that show us details, memories, feelings... a universe full of poetry and sensitivity that we discover in each of the works of these young artists.

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