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FAMA 2019: Barcelona Modern and Ancient Art Fair

  • Art, Fairs
  1. Modest Cuixart
    Modest Cuixart
  2. Alexander Calder
    Alexander Calder
  3. Marià Fortuny
    Marià Fortuny
  4. Joaquim Mir
    Joaquim Mir
  5. Lluís Graner
    Lluís Graner
  6. Joan Miró
    Joan Miró
  7. Moble lacat de l'època de Carles IV
    Moble lacat de l'època de Carles IV
  8. Joaquim Sorolla
    Joaquim Sorolla

Time Out says

Attention art aficionados: The Museu Marítim hosts the fifth edition of this 'Fira d'Art Modern i Antic' in Barcelona, from March 6 to 10. The aim is not for this fair to be a space that's only for those involved in the art world, such as serious collectors, restorers, gallery directors and the like, but rather for it to be open to the public, whether you've got an advanced degree in art appreciation or you're someone who just likes what you like. Go along, check it out, explore the museum and the world of the art market, and marvel at the thousands of pieces you encounter. You'll find paintings, furniture, jewellery, sculpture, ceramics and books; pieces from the 12th century as well as from the 20th; and by artists like Marià Fortuny, Joan Miró, Alexander Calder, Manolo Valdés, Joaquim Mir and Joaquín Sorolla. Some 30 exhibitors from all over Spain show off their wares. Curious about how much a piece from one of these artists costs? The prices may surprise you, and you'll find you can take one home for just €150, or you can spend a million if that's more what you're feeling. Whatever you do, don't miss your chance to discover firsthand the role of antiquarians, and contribute to spreading the word about the heritage hidden in galleries around the country.

You can buy tickets here or at the museum itself.


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