Faraó. Rei d'Egipte

Art, Sculpture
Faraó. Rei d'Egipte
© British Museum Faraó. Rei d'Egipte

At the CaixaForum, and for the first time in Barcelona, you can see 164 pieces from the British Museum's Egyptian collection.

One of the latest exhibitions from the Obra Social la Caixa, in collaboration with the British Museum, 'Pharaoh. King of Egypt', explores the symbolism and ideology of the Egyptian monarchy, revealing the stories behind the 164 pieces in the show as a representation of this ancient civilisation. Standouts include goldsmithing works, as well as the monumental statues and the precious reliefs of temples that bring you closer to the real life and power of Ancient Egypt.

Divided into ten areas, the exhibition examines the figure of the Egyptian monarch from various points of view: as a divine being at the centre of the social structure, with surrounding symbols and beliefs that go beyond earthly existence; in his palace life, surrounded by family; as a ruler; as a warrior; and it also delves into the fact that not all pharaohs were of Egyptian origin.


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