KeyFrame BCN – Video Creators Meeting

Art, Film and video
Dragndrop Estudio
Dragndrop Estudio

This multidisciplinary meet-up and show on creation in video and projected visual arts features talks, demos, workshops, performances, audiovisual concerts, installations and imporovisations. KeyFrame BCN brings together technologies and professionals to explore and share techniques, ideas, contacts, dreams...

The programme features Barcelona Immersive (production of 360º videos + Demo VR), Boris Dulon (OpenDesktop System, live digital painting), David Dalmazzo (Flocking system with Cinder), David Rey (video art), Dragndrop Estudio (event production and visual installations), Ekisolid (Demo VR, 3D immersive animation), Gabriel Lecup (interactive visual installation), Hypnagogia (audiovisual performance), Nico Bertrand (new-generation ethical porn), Serrano Brothers (immersive audiovisual installation), Short & Sweet (short films) and VJ Ayl (visual installation).

The day comes to a close with a visual jam that's open to VJs and other masters of live visual creation who can project their works in a collective form. The DJ-based soundtrack of the jam is brought to you by Barcelona electronic music label Hidden Traffic.


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