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Martí Anson. Es ven plaça de pàrquing

  • Art, Contemporary art
  • 5 out of 5 stars
  • Recommended

Time Out says

5 out of 5 stars

According to respected Spanish art critic Arnau Puig, art is provocative, or it's not art; I couldn't agree more. It should be provocative in the sense of motivating, inciting and questioning the viewer. It should distract us from everydayness and take us to the land of ideas, beyond the here and now of standing before an object exhibited in a gallery and watched by security cameras. It should make our brains tingle, looking for answers to all our questions. And it should definitely offer different perspectives to give us other points of view on what we believe or take for granted. Martí Anson is a master at this. In his work, the object is not the most important thing, but it is there, and he doesn't run away from it.

You might remember that he spent 55 days in 2005 building a spectacular boat in the Arts Santa Mònica, emulating the mad Fitzcarraldo. He later had to destroy the boat because it was five centimetres bigger than the door. What interests Anson is the experience and the story to come out of it all. In the Estrany de la Mota gallery he's done it again. With 'Parking space for sale', Anson takes up the hall – an architecturally dead space – and transforms it into a garage.

The grey-painted floor and walls with a deep red line running around them are sure signs of what the place is, with a basketball net on the back wall and a ball in the corner. To the side is a bicycle leaning against another wall. A fire extinguisher and its sign hang from the sole column. To the other side is a blue beach cooler that doubles as a table for the information sheets. In the centre is a space exactly the right size for a car. You could say it's a 'boutade', or 'pfft, I've got one of those at home an nobody calls it art'. Great. The artist isn't hiding anything and he encourages us all to go head and do it ourselves.


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