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'Mood Swings': Eva Abeling photo exhibition

  • Art, Photography

Time Out says

Crea Fridays presents the new photography project of the analog photographer Eva Abeling, 'Mood Swings', which explores how you can express your emotions in movement, how you can release your vulnerability, fears and desire with your body in time and space. On days when you find it hard to be around people or to have a conversation with someone because you're connecting with those who are far away instead of someone right next to you. You find it hard because every little sentence you hear about yourself creates an explosion inside you and a range of feelings you don't normally experience. You feel like you want time to express all your emotions in your movements. To feel the rhythm to all these sensations. To sense which emotions make you speed up to forget and which thoughts make you slow down to remember. To spell out your innermost self with the language of dance.

This exhibition is part of the Crea Fridays series of events. Crea Fridays is a concept with the aim of using art as a medium of communication to understand, and think and learn about our society. Projects by different artists are promoted in a format: one event for one night, Friday being the day for exhibitions combining psychology, art and education. Each Crea Fridays features a different artist from a variety of fields (photography, painting, sculpture, fashion...). If art is a language, why not use it in order to communicate and talk? Why not create possibilities to refect over what is occurring in the world and in our society? Photographer Eva Abeling and psychologist Alba Thompson bring together artists and the public in their Crea Fridays events.


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