The artist as collector

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Martin Parr

Susan Sontag once said, 'To collect photographs is to collect the world.' We wholeheartedly agree, and to that end recommend a visit to the exhibition 'Obra-col·lecció. L'artista com a col·leccionista' ('Work-Collection. The Artist as Collector’). And what better way to keep your feet on the ground than soaking up some contemporary photography. Photographer Joan Fontcuberta is the curator of this project, which presents a recurring theme in today’s expository scene: the transition from collector to creator that an art collector experiences upon the creation of a collection. This artist-turned-curator suggests an analysis of the many facets of contemporary photography. From the ironic perspective of Martin Parr to the suitable images of Joachim Schmid or the portraits of Jean-Gabriel Périot that test the boundaries between film and still images.

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