Toni Catany. Back and forth

Art, Photography
Toni Catany 'Ni Eivisa', 1967
Toni Catany 'Ni Eivisa', 1967

Toni Catany (Llucmajor, Mallorca, 1942 – Barcelona, 2013) is an artist to look to in the world of photography, thanks to his vocation to be a painter where classic themes dominated such as still lifes, nudes and landscapes, photographed with a very personal sensitivity and aesthetic.

A tireless researcher of the various photographic techniques, Catany used procedures rom the 19th century such as the calotype, and other modern techniques including Polaroid transfers and digital cameras – which helped him get a more pure range colours – to create timeless works.

The exhibition 'Toni Catany', curated by Alain d'Hooghe and Antoni Garau, presents more than 100 photographs (some never before shown to the general public) and takes a look at the artist's vast creative universe, especially at the main themes in his work.


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