Davant l'horitzó

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Les rochers de Belle-Île, la côte sauvage
Claude Monet Claude Monet

The Fundació Joan Miró is hosting an exhibition dedicated to the horizon as a recurring element in the history of modern painting from the 19th century to the present. The exhibition aims to highlight the defining power of the horizon, delve into its enigmatic duality, review the changing nature of its representation, and reflect on its role as a paradoxical mirror of the mutations of history and culture. The title of the show is a tribute to 'Devant le temps. Histoire del Arte te Anachronisme des Images'. This study by Georges Didi-Huberman presents the anachronism as a methodological alternative in the history of traditional art. Following the anachronistic approach given by the French professor, 'Before the Horizon' is articulated as a sequence of conversations between pictorial, photographic and sculptural representations of the horizon from romanticism and impressionism to the present day.