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Pont del Bisbe

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Pont del Bisbe
Photo: Michael MartiPont del Bisbe

Time Out says

Walking through Barcelona’s Gothic Quarter is a thrilling experience for visitors. Its winding streets are full of secrets and surprises that will take your breath away. And if there’s one perfect place that captivates the experience, it’s the Pont del Bisbe (Bisbe Bridge). Uniting the Casa dels Canonges and the Palau de la Generalitat, the Pont del Bisbe is a large marble structure with lovely Gothic-style columns. It’s also covered in interesting designs that help add to the overall feel.

While it may seem like the Pont del Bisbe was always part of the furniture, it’s actually a recent addition to the Barri Gòtic. Constructed in 1928 by Joan Rubió i Bellver, the little bridge has helped make C/ de Bisbe one of the most photographed streets in Barcelona. Unfortunately for Rubió i Bellver, the city council rejected his plans to put up many other buildings in the Gòtic. Furious, the architect incorporated a skull-and-dagger motif on the underside of the Pont del Bisbe, and legend has it that anyone who looks at it will be cursed with bad luck. Another myth says that the dagger can never be removed from the skull or the city of Barcelona will be destroyed. But, on a positive note, apparently if you walk backwards under the bridge while looking at the skull, one wish will be granted. You just have to decide, is it worth the risk?

Written by
Michael Marti


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Barri Gòtic
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