Absenta Bar

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Absenta Bar

Ahhh, absinthe! The artificial paradise that produces monsters, and this chapel near the port is consecrated heart and liver to the worship of this beverage brewed by Lucifer himself. Dark, dusty, recycled and as disjointed as a bad trip – watch the personalised TV hanging from the ceiling, Argghh! This trippy little pub offers psychonauts a choice of brands and variations. If you’re into the hard stuff, try the cannabis absinthe: two hammerblows for the price of one. Just the thing for hard times. Oh, and they have beer and snacks and stuff too.


By: Òscar Broc


Venue name: Absenta Bar
Address: Sant Carles, 36
Opening hours: Mon, Wed, Thu, Sun 11am-2am; Tue 6pm-2am; Fri, Sat 11am-3am.
Transport: Barceloneta (M: L4)

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