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BAM 2013: Nehuen DJ + Alizzz
 + Addison Groove + Cardopusher & Nehuen

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Time Out says

During La Mercè you can also dance to electronic music at the city's biggest music festival venue, the Fòrum. Taking the stage tonight as part of Electro-BAM, for example, is Alizza (1am), alter ego of Barcelona producer Cristian Quirante, one of the leading Catalan figures in the so-called maximalism, a post-dubstep trend in the wake of Rustie where productions veer away from the aesthetic of less is more. Also performing is Addison Groove (2am), aka British producer Tony Williams, a DJ who is dedicated to Chicago juke, a type of house that reclaims rhythmic minimalism through 1980s drum machines like the legendary Roland 808, which Williams uses live, and that drinks from the fountain of acid and hip-hop.


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